Why Now is the Time to Buy a Home in Summit County, Colorado

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Today’s post is called “Why Now is the Time to Buy a Home in Summit County, Colorado” and is a brief collection of reasons you should be looking into purchasing real estate or property in the Breckenridge and Summit County area. So, in essence, the top reasons you should look into a vacation home in the high country is because YOU NEED IT. Some say that vacations are just part of the routine. Others NEED their vacation time. Let’s say you’ve decided that you love returning to the mountains year after year and are tired of renting and want to buy. That’s where we come in.

You’ll be pleased to know that while Breckenridge is super popular for many reasons, there are other towns that offer homes and condos for sale at a lesser, more affordable, price point. In fact, we went to walk through an open house in Keystone, and was quite surprised with a somewhat secluded home overlooking the Snake River. You can see a pic from inside the home below in an Instagram post shared below.

Why Now is the Time to Buy a Home in Summit County, Colorado

We’ll start the conversation by determining what your wants and needs are, and will then come up with an action plan and timeline to work within the specifications and pricing parameters we set in a custom search. We’ll become your eyes and ears for the perfect location for your desired mountain experience. Some folks want the ski-in, ski-out set up, and don’t want to mess with shuttles, Uber or buses. I don’t blame you, if that’s you. Traveling to and from places takes time. And, do you want spend your time doing that? On other other hand, we are centrally located to almost 10 resorts within an hour of Breckenridge, so you’d be silly not to venture to new terrain at some point in your skiing career.

So, the short list for this blog on why you should buy a home in the Rocky Mountains are:

  • You need it. Your family is wasting money on rentals and it’s time to invest in the right place.
  • You’ll save time. And time is money. So, stop wasting time and get in touch with the forms below, or on our contact page.

PRO TIP: When the ski areas are super busy, head out to a local hiking trail and go cross country skiing or snowshoeing. You can even take your dog! Check out the video below for a wintery clip of xc skiing in French Gulch. Contact us to learn more about this and other dog-friendly trails.


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