Sledding and Tubing in Summit County, CO

Sledding Hills in Breckenridge

Planning a family ski trip to vacation this winter in Breckenridge or Summit County? If so, then you’ll want to bookmark this page to make the most of your time and mix it up. What I mean is, skiing is hard work and can be tiring, so it’s good to take a day off to rest the legs, or you can visit these sledding hills before or after your time on the hill. Whatever you choose as your agenda, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the different choices for free and paid options to sled around the county.

We’re going to start with the sledding options in The Kingdom. Of course, the weekends are busier, so if you have a choice, I’d say go early or go late and expect some sleds in community “take one, leave one” type set ups, but those could all be taken or even broken, so don’t rely on those.

If you’re staying at a rental property, I would ask your host if there are sleds on site to borrow, or if you’ll need to purchase your own. If you need to purchase some quickly, the small, but expensive, grocery store near the post office is the closest option. Next would be the City Market near the gondola. Over in Frisco is Walmart and in Silverthorne is Target.

Equipment List

Whether you go to Breck or somewhere else, your day will be much more fun if you bring the following items.

  • BACKPACK – to carry on the hill, or just leave it in the car if it’s relatively close by to get to.
  • SNOW CLOTHES – to wear while sliding down the hill. You’ll get hot walking back up, so a ball cap with a brim and a hooded jacket is my headwear of choice.
  • EYE PROTECTION – to shield your eyes from UV and from flying snow when you put your feet down to slow down / steer. Goggles or sunglasses work just fine. Maybe stash a glass cleaner cloth in your pocket to wipe off snow.
  • GLOVES OR MITTENS – to keep your hands warm. Bring an extra pair because these will probably get wet and cold.
  • BOOTS – these should be waterproof or be prepared to have cold feet. You can wear normal shoes, but you will be more comfortable in snow specific footwear.
  • SUNSCREEN AND LIP BALM – to protect your exposed skin from the wind and sun.
  • SNACKS – stash any food you don’t want to freeze in an inside pocket to keep warm.
  • THERMOS – of hot chocolate goes a long way on keeping the little warm and energized for the day.

Carter Park

The classic and most popular sledding hill in Breck. Find directions and more information about this option by clicking here. Bonuses for this location include a dog park, and a set of covered picnic tables and even Town-maintained bathrooms. Parking is limited so be prepared to walk from town, if you’re staying nearby, or be patient as cars come and go.

Sledding and Tubing in Summit County, CO

Runway Sledding Hill on Fraction Drive

Find directions to the newest option by clicking here. I recently went with a favorite little person and we went by Carter Park first and it was super busy. We did about 8 runs before heading to this park, which was considerably less busy. We must’ve hit it just right, as it got busier as we finished up, which was close to when the ski lifts closed.

Sledding and Tubing in Summit County, CO

Other sledding in Breckenridge – Country Boy Mine

Sledding at the Country Boy Mine is also new, and is a privately owned company, and is not affiliated with the Town of Breckenridge. What they do offer looks amazing and super fun! I cannot attest to this experience, but here’s a video I found that shows what it may be like. Click here to learn about this and other options at the Country Boy Mine.

Read more about the sledding hills around town on the GoBreck website by clicking here.

Sledding and Tubing Hills in Frisco – Frisco Adventure Park

Lift-assisted or Traditional options are available here. This is a more beginner friendly area, with options to go nordic skiing and snowshoeing on the popular Frisco Peninsula recreation area. Click here to learn more about option in the Town of Frisco.

Sledding Hills in Silverthorne – Rainbow Park

Near the Silverthorne Recreation Center is Rainbow Park. In addition to a traditional playground for the kids, it has a big soccer field that turns into a nice and easy slope for sledding.

Tubing at Copper Mountain

Just west of Frisco, before you head up Vail Pass, is the Copper Mountain Resort. In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding, you can check out Woodward and even go tubing. Click here for info on the tubing pricing and details.

Tubing at the Keystone Resort

In addition to tubing at the Keystone Resort, there’s an awesome kids section and snowfort (not available for winter /21-22)! Click here for information on tubing at Adventure Point.

Other Sledding Hills in Vail and Beaver Creek

During my searching for links and information I found this link that explores options to the west. Worth a look if you’re sharing time on your winter vacation in Breck with Vail and Beaver Creek.

Have fun, be safe and happy sledding!