Short Term Rentals in Breckenridge

Short Term Rentals in Breckenridge

There has been lots of talk around the county, but the first to take action is The Kingdom (aka Breckenridge, ask me about that story sometime), and this blog will share details about how to find details regarding Short Term Rentals in Breckenridge. The “Zoom Boom” or “Great COVID Migration” has brought to light many things that have been on the horizon for many years, and one of those items is the way that real estate, investments and Short Term Rentals (STRs hereafter) all play a role in the Summit County lifestyle and vacation experience.

If you’re pressed for time and are looking for links and shortcuts to the appropriate town websites and departments for your short term rental, please scroll down to find the links to those relevant organizations.

The Affordable Housing and Workforce Housing Dilemma

There are some who are of the mindset that the cap by the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County will help alleviate the workforce housing situation, namely being there is a shortage of long term rentals and “affordable” housing for workers. This cap will not immediately produce housing and solve the issue. What it does do is allow the STR departments to take a look at the current state of STR licenses and what may be possible to do next to incentivize owners to possibly convert their STR to a LTR (Long Term Rental).

Many owners initially made their property investment in Breckenridge and Summit County to spend time in the mountains and then chose to rent to short term renters knowing that they could block out dates as they needed to. This would then allow them to enjoy their property as well as help offset maintenance and operating costs of having a mountain property.

Converting Short Term Rentals to Long Term Rentals

If there was an ultimatum for them to rent as a LTR or not rent at all, many have stated that they would choose not to rent at all and this action would not achieve the goal of providing long term housing for local workers. Simply put, any kind of ultimatum on STR owners will not increase LTR opportunities. This topic is still currently being discussed, with new STR to LTR programs being developed, as well as house purchasing assistance programs for locals.

If you are a local reading this and need help finding the right home for you or your family, please reach out and we can help you find the property that works best for your mountain lifestyle.

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How to Keep Up To Date with the STR Situation in Summit

There are other ideas being tossed around, as they have for decades, as this problem is not new and this situation is not unique to Summit County. There are many communities around the world with this situation and some are taking action to address Airbnb’s and STRs in traditionally residential locations. I have a personal document I’m keeping track of recent articles as they are posted, and I try to update this list as new articles are published, but I would suggest checking the Summit Daily News for any official announcements, as well as official government websites, which I will list below as well. Feel free to reach out to me, Stacy, if you would like me to email you the list of articles from the SDN.

Short Term Rentals: Changes and Restrictions

The following contains information which is succinct and may not be complete or current. These changes are happening almost daily, if not weekly. Please refer to the links provided below to contact the appropriate department for the most recent updates that pertain to your property and home.


  • It all started when the county passed an emergency ordinance, a 90 day moratorium on STR licenses that went into effect on September 17, 2021.
  • Exempt locations: Keystone, Copper, Four O’Clock Subdivision, Skiwatch and Tiger Run.
  • This time will allow the county to research and create incentives for property owners to convert their properties into LTRs in “local zones” or initially called “opportunity zones”
  • Two considerations by the board are new zone overlay districts and three types of rental licenses. All license types would be permitted in the “resort zone”, while specific license types would be limited in the “neighborhood zones”.


  • These areas are exempt from the Summit County STR restrictions at this time.


  • The Breckenridge Town council passed a cap on new short-term rental licenses. There are some areas that are exempt from this cap.
  • The number of licenses for this cap is set at a maximum of 2,200 licenses (as of now there are over 3,000).
  • This new ordinance will become active on November 2, 2021.
  • This plan allows for a reduction in permits through attrition. When properties are sold, and licenses are turned in, the permit number will be reduced. When the goal of 2,200 permits is achieved (could be months or even years), the town will begin to issue licenses from properties entered on a waiting list.
  • If an owner has a property with rentals already in place, a 6 month temporary short-term rental license can be issued to the buyer of a currently licensed property to honor pre-sale bookings.
  • For clarification, exempt properties must have on-site 24hr staffed front desk.


  • Approximately 20% of homes in Blue River are licensed as short term rentals, but there are NO CHANGES at this time.
  • All STRs operating in the Town of Blue River are currently required to obtain a short term rental license and collect and remit taxes. The Board of Trustees continues to discuss the possible future rules and regulations of short term rentals.


  • Update: This effort FAILED to collect enough signatures. There is a citizen initiative to put a vote on the ballot to limit and ban short-term rentals, this movement is still gathering signatures.
  • Town of Frisco is currently researching options, like the other mountain towns are, however no changes or decisions are being made at this time.


  • Similar to Frisco, the Town officials are being observant of actions being taken elsewhere in Summit County, but have made no plans to take any immediate action at this time.

Private Property Rights, Commercial vs Residential Zoning Considerations

The issue for a lot of owners is that they feel they have the right to do what they want with their property. That’s an understandable position, however, there have always been zoning rules in place for neighborhoods, mainly to minimize or eliminate commercial operations in traditionally residential areas.

Before purchasing a home or property anywhere in Colorado, make sure you perform your due diligence and investigate the zoning rules and regulations that are applicable to your property purchase.

How to Plan for Upcoming Changes for Short Term Rentals in Breckenridge

I suggest you read this blog in its entirety, and follow up with any official government entities that are applicable to your property. If you don’t have the time or are confused, please feel free to reach out to us here at Mountain Habitat, which is comprised of Dina and Stacy Sanchez, longtime Breckenridge locals. Dina is the lead sales broker for real estate and property in the Summit County area and is a luxury property specialist. Stacy Sanchez is a former property manager that is versed in the business aspect of providing an exceptional guest experience and how to prepare a home for multiple families and guests throughout the year. We look forward to helping you navigate these changes, as they are not yet finalized, and if we don’t have the answers ourselves, we will help you find the right people that can provide answers and solutions to your particular situation.

Please visit our CONTACT page for more information or use the form below. Thanks for reading!

Summit County, Colorado – Town Short Term Rental Information

City of Denver Short Term Rentals

If you’re curious about the current state of STRs in the Denver area, I’m going to post the link below so that you can research and educate yourself on that area as well.

Alma, Fairplay and Leadville Short Term Rental Information

Leadville currently has a 12% cap on STRs within the town limits. No new licenses are being accepted at this time, due to the cap limit being close to meeting the maximum number of permits according to the cap. STRs outside the town limits would go through the permitting process through the Lake County government.

No changes are currently being planned for Alma and Fairplay. Licenses are being accepted as usual. One exception is that no short term rental property license shall be issued for any accommodation unit for which an on-site wastewater treatment system was not permitted and approved (approved 2021).

Vail, Beaver Creek, Avon and EagleVail Short Term Rental Information

  • A short term rental moratorium was voted down in July, 2021. Approximately 14% of Vail non-resort lodging is comprised of STRs. Over at Beaver Creek, a Beaver Creek Business License is mandatory if a home / condo is rented 4+ days / month.Avon (outside of Beaver Creek) does not allow short term rentals at an HOA level town wide.