Sell your home in Breckenridge

Now that you’ve found this page, you’re deciding whether or not if you should sell your home in Breckenridge, or are curious about it, but haven’t committed just yet. Either way, when you do, your goal will be to sell it at the best price possible to meet your goal, and to sell it within the timeframe you anticipate for your needs.

This website and blog will not only help sell your home, but you’ll also be working with a professional realtor every step of the way. I’ll create an effective process for appraising your home’s value and to oversee the selling process is as efficient as possible.

Seller Representation

When you choose to work with me, I’ll be sure to represent your needs with the utmost importance, therefore giving your sale the best scenario outcome. Between making the decision to put the home up on the market and initiate the process for listing, to the final documentation for closing the sale, I will make sure to listen to what your needs are, and to communicate answers when questions arise.

We understand that a strong digital footprint is important in today’s market and through our ongoing offline and online marketing efforts, we will be using today’s trends of a well-designed website that is mobile friendly and searchable. We will also offer buyers and sellers with a blog that is helpful and educational. I will arrange for showings and create appointments for walkthroughs for remote leads.

I can help home sellers with the following:

  • Appraisal and home valuation services
  • Be informed about current market values and recent sales of comparable units
  • Create a timeline for listing and anticipated sale date
  • Effective marketing using modern approaches to digital efforts as well as offline outreach
  • Step by step assistance with the home selling processes, terms and official documentation required
  • Negotiating and communication between purchasing agent / broker and buyer
  • Providing a peace of mind assurance that I am working in a timely manner towards your home and property sales goal

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